DNA Day - April 25, 2014

Bruce Rauner, Governor

Since its inception in 2003, DNA Day has been recognized nationally on an annual basis. It is celebrated as a national day to recognize the discovery of the double helix and the completion of the mapping of the human genome. In Illinois, DNA Day has been celebrated as a day to recognize the importance of genetic health. The annual DNA Day Project in Illinois provides statewide education and outreach to public health staff and patients, with a focus on the importance of family health history and newborn screening.

This year, the theme of DNA Day is Integrating Genetics Into Your Practice.

Part of the DNA Day 2014 activities is a webinar titled Family Health Histories: More than Just Asking Questions and Getting Answers, to be broadcast on Tuesday, April 29 at noon. Presenters will include Erin Torti, M.S., CGC, from the St. Louis University Division of Medical Genetics, and Josefa Villarrubia, a member of family affected by Marfan syndrome. Eligible webinar participants will receive a 1.0 nursing contact hour. If you would like to register for the webinar, visit

DNA Day 2014 educational materials, including a Family Health History brochure for patients and one for providers, a Family Health History poster, a newborn screening card and a What’s New in Newborn Screening brochure have been mailed to local public health departments around the state. These materials also can be found on the Easy Learn Genetics website, along with other helpful genetic health information.

If you want more information relevant to the DNA Day Illinois Project and genetic health news, check the DNA Day Annual Celebration page on the Center for Jewish Genetics’ website and the DNA Day Illinois Facebook page.

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