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Priority Area 1: Behavioral Health
The State Health Assessment identified behavioral health issues, including treatment for mental health conditions and substance use disorders, as some of the most significant issues facing the State of Illinois. The SHIP addresses behavioral health with respect to reducing stigma; increasing behavioral health literacy; improving data collection, utilization, and sharing; reducing deaths due to behavioral health crises; improving response to community violence; and improving the opportunity for people to be treated in the community rather than in institutions.
Activities in SHIP Priority Area 1: Behavioral Health
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Access to care Yes  
Social determinants of health Yes  
GOAL #1: Improve the collection, utilization, and sharing of behavioral health-related data in Illinois Yes  
A framework for surveillance and planning that is data driven and specific, including proposed approaches for monitoring disparities (race/ethnic, gender, geography, etc.) where possible, is produced and presented to the SHIP ICC Yes  
GOAL #2: Build upon and improve local system integration Yes  
Evidence of new or strengthened partnerships with a wide variety of stakeholders to enhance and support the development of medical and health homes that integrate mental and physical health and wellness across the continuum of services (from prevention through treatment) Yes  
GOAL #3: Reduce deaths due to behavioral health crises Yes  

a. Reduce opioid overdose mortality rate


b. Reduce age-adjusted suicide rate


c. Reduce the number of young adults (aged 18-24) who report experiencing poor mental health for more than one week per month


d. Reduce age-adjusted suicide rate among the veteran population

GOAL #4: Improve the opportunity for people to be treated in the community rather than in institutional settings Yes  

a. Reduce emergency department visits, hospitalizations, and incarceration due to behavioral health issues by narrowing the treatment gap and building and sustaining community-based behavioral health treatment capacity.


b. Leverage partners for unified action and opportunity for funding.

GOAL #5: Increase behavioral health literacy and decrease stigma Yes  
Increase behavioral health literacy and conduct more Mental Health First Aid trainings to build community capacity in this area. Yes  
GOAL #6: Improve response to community violence Yes  
Increase mental health outreach to communities with the highest rates of violence. Yes  
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