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Tobacco Related Links

Visit the following Web sites for more information on tobacco prevention and control resources.

Please note that inclusion here does not imply endorsement by the Illinois Department of Public Health.


Live Free: Promoting a Smoke-free Lifestyle
Live Free is about women and the unique ways they live their lives. It's also about smoking and the effects it can have on their lives.

REALITY Illinois
The Reality Illinois campaign is a teen-led movement funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health with a portion of the state's allotment from the 1998 Master Tobacco Settlement Agreement.

CDC’s Office on Smoking and Health
This Web site offers one-stop access to government-supported tobacco control research, data (including state and local data), publications, posters, videos, fact sheets, smoke-free materials and cessation resources.

Action on Smoking and Health
ASH is a national nonprofit legal action and education organization fighting for the rights of non smokers against the many problems of tobacco. ASH represents non smokers in courts and legislative bodies, and before regulatory agencies.

American’s for Non Smoker’s Rights
Includes internal industry quotes, extensive information on secondhand smoke, smoke-free advocacy resources and a large section on youth advocacy

The Truth Campaign
The Truth Campaign is dedicated to exposing the truth about tobacco. The Web site works in conjunction with the American Legacy Foundation’s Truth ad campaigns. It includes news, resources and links to the tobacco industry for activities that can be monitored.

National Women’s Health Information Center
Supported by the Office on Women’s Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this site offers a variety of resources and information related to the U.S. surgeon general’s report and tailored to women.

National Health Organizations and Federal Agencies

Other Tobacco Related Sources