Illinois is home to 12.4 million people. Many more visit the state each year, drawn by its incredible cultural and natural diversity. Each of them — resident and visitor alike — benefit from the Illinois Department of Public Health's many health and safety programs. Ensuring the safety of the food sold at retail establishments, of the state's milk supply, and of its bathing beaches, campgrounds and pools is just part of the Department's responsibility toward those who live, work and play within Illinois' borders.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has been promoting the health and well-being of Illinois citizens since 1877 when the agency was first organized. These first public health pioneers contended with outbreaks of smallpox, polio and tuberculosis, and with unsanitary water and milk supplies. Today's public health professionals are facing new challenges: AIDS and other newly emerging infectious diseases, familiar — but now drug-resistant — diseases, the continuing problem of chronic illnesses, and the violence that has touched nearly every segment of society.

Today's technology — such as this web site — is an important tool that will allow the Department to reach and to educate more and more Illinoisans. Visitors to the site can quickly and conveniently access current health statistics, request a copy of a birth certificate, browse through the Department's catalog of publications, locate the nearest local health department and check out the latest information about public health issues through the agency's news releases and HealthBeat.

IDPH is pleased to make this information available to you. If you have comments or suggestions for ways in which we can improve this web site, please let us know.

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