Epidemiologic Studies

Illinois State Cancer Registry

The Illinois State Cancer Registry (ISCR) is the only population-based source for cancer incidence information in Illinois. Cancer cases are collected through mandated reporting by hospitals, ambulatory surgical treatment centers, non-hospital affiliated radiation therapy treatment centers, independent pathology labs, dermatologists and through the voluntary exchange of cancer patient data with other (mostly nearby) states.

Illinois Specific Statistics

Data from the Illinois State Cancer Registry

Public Use Data Files

The Illinois public dataset is in ASCII format and contains sanitized individual records of cancer incidence among Illinois residents. Separate files are available for the state, county, and ZIP code areas. Confidentiality is maintained by aggregating data within individual records into categories, the number of which depend on the size of the geographic area.

Concerns about Cancer Clusters

Other Cancer Reports

Selected topics of public health interest regarding cancer in Illinois

Other Links

Illinois Comprehensive Cancer Control State Plan: 2005-2010 - Executive Summary

Illinois Comprehensive Cancer Control State Plan: 2005-2010

State Cancer Profiles


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