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General information
The Toxicology Section will accept samples for forensic analysis or in support of legal investigations from law enforcement or other governmental agencies. Copies of reports will be transmitted to the submitting agency only. Copies of reports and/or case file data are available to others by subpoena only. Ordinary and expert testimony is available by subpoena.

Information needed
All submissions must be accompanied with proper identifying information and a history in support of the analysis request. This is crucial for criminal tampering or suspected poisoning cases.

Special requirements:
Samples will be handled and must be submitted with full chain of custody considerations. Samples may be rejected if chain of custody has been compromised prior to receipt by the toxicology staff.

Performed at IDPH Chicago Laboratory

Test Sample Purpose TAT Days
Alcohol Blood, urine DUI
Alcohol Liquid Liquor Control
Fluoro-acetate, 1080 Bait Pesticide Enforcement Health Protection
Foreign Substance Food Criminal Tampering /Poisoning
Arsenic Hair, blood, etc. Poisoning

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