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Office of Health Care Regulation

LOCATION: 525 W. Jefferson St., 5th Floor, Springfield, IL 62761-0001
ACTING DEPUTY DIRECTOR: Debra Bryars, 217-782-2913; fax 217-524-6292;
email: Debra.Bryars@illinois.gov

When using health care facilities in Illinois, patients and their families can be assured quality of care standards have been established to ensure facilities provide health care services in a clean and safe environment that meets their physical, mental and psychological needs. Depending on the health care provider, the Office of Health Care Regulation may license, inspect or certify those that must comply with state and federal regulations. The office also operates a 24-hour a day hotline (1-800-252-4343) that people can call to register complaints against health care facilities. Facilities, equipment and providers subject to review include --

  • ambulatory surgical treatment centers (ASTCs)
  • certified nurse aides
  • health maintenance organizations (HMOs)
  • home health agencies
  • hospices
  • hospitals
  • laboratories -- independent, hospital and physician office
  • nursing homes
  • physical therapists in independent practice
  • poison control resource centers
  • pregnancy termination centers
  • rural health clinics
  • sperm and tissue banks

Division of LTC Quality Assurance

Division of LTC Field Operations

Division of Hospitals and Ambulatory Care

Division of Assisted Living

Division of Administrative Rules and Procedures

Division of Health Care Facilities and Programs

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