Office of Health Promotion

LOCATION: 535 W. Jefferson St., 2nd Floor, Springfield, IL 62761-0001
DEPUTY DIRECTOR: Tom Schafer, 217-785-4093; fax 217-782-1321;

Encompassing a wide variety of programs in areas ranging from Alzheimer's disease to violence prevention, the Office of Health Promotion is dedicated to promoting healthier and safer lifestyles through education, information and services. Beginning almost from the moment of birth, and continuing throughout the life span, Office of Health Promotion programs play important roles in assessing the health of Illinois residents, encouraging healthy lifestyles, and providing information, resources, and referrals to those seeking to improve their health or to battle a chronic disease. Office of Health Promotion programs include –

  • Alzheimer's disease research
  • arthritis education
  • asthma prevention and education
  • cardiovascular disease risk reduction
  • comprehensive cancer control
  • craniofacial anomaly education and referral
  • dental sealants
  • diabetes prevention and control
  • fluoridation of community drinking water
  • hearing aid consumer protection
  • medical cannabis registration
  • newborn screening for genetic and metabolic diseases
  • oral health education
  • physical activity and nutrition
  • Smoke-free Illinois Act
  • sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) education
  • tobacco prevention and control programs
  • unintentional injury prevention
  • violence prevention
  • vision and hearing screening of school-age children

Division of Oral Health

Division of Health Assessment and Screening

Division of Chronic Disease Prevention and Control

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