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Track 1 First Time

While watching a movie at his house, Shawn starts making moves on his girlfriend Pam. She tells him to stop because she wants to wait. Shawn gets angry and leaves. Later he cools down and calls Pam to apologize and say that he respects her decision to wait.

It’s not always easy to say no to someone you care about, but the person you’re with should respect your decision. One way to avoid this situation is to talk about your decision before you’re in the moment -- when it can be tough to stop. Find other ways to show your partner that you care -- like hugging, holding hands, kissing, sending a love note or giving flowers. Getting creative can mean lots of fun and romance!

Track 2 Multiple Partners

John tells his friend Gary he is thinking about having sex with Terry. Gary warns John to be careful because sex is a big step and Terry has been with other guys. John tells Gary he will definitely be sure to use a condom if he decides to have sex with Terry.

Love is a powerful emotion, but it doesn’t protect you from AIDS/HIV, STDs or pregnancy. Even though John has decided to wait, he plans to protect himself by using a condom if he does have sex.

Track 3 The Party

Ann and her friend, Shawn, are at a party together when Tony, who’s drunk, starts making moves on Ann. Tony encourages Ann to drink. Tony thinks Ann will get with him if she’s drunk. Shawn sees Tony pressuring Ann, and asks her to dance -- to help her get out of the situation.

Ann knows that using alcohol or drugs would make it harder for her to stick with her decision to wait to have sex. Sometimes it’s better not to go places where you might find it hard to say no, especially if your friends aren’t watching over you, like Shawn did for Ann.

Track 4 Needles

Tony invites Shawn and Will to party with him, but they say no -- Tony’s been seen doing heroin and even sharing needles! Shawn and Will aren’t interested in hanging with someone who does that.

One way to get HIV is to share drug needles and injection equipment. Shawn and Will steer clear of Tony because he does drugs and they know he’s taking a big risk by sharing needles.

There are things you can do in sticky situations that will help you respect your mind and protect your body, just like the kids here.

You’ve probably felt pressure to do things you weren’t sure you were ready to do, like having sex. There are lots of benefits to waiting. But if you make the choice to have sex, be sure to respect yourself by using a condom to protect your body from AIDS/HIV, STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

Plan ahead. Know what to do in sticky situations. If you want to talk to someone about sex or AIDS/HIV, STDs or pregnancy, call the Illinois Department of Public Health’s AIDS/HIV and STD Hotline at 1-800-243-2437. No one will ask your name and no one will know you called.

You’re smart. You already know how to make the right decision – especially in a sticky situation – the kind that could put you at risk for getting AIDS/HIV, STDs or an unintended pregnancy. It’s important to remember you can respect your mind and protect your body.

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