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Illinois Electronic Health Records (EHR) Activities - Brief summary of state activities. Included in March 6, 2006, meeting packets

EHR Taskforce Overview - Presentation by Jonathan Dopkeen, Ph.D., IDPH Assistant Director, at March 6, 2006, meeting - PDF

National Overview - Presentation by Joyce Sensmeier, M S, RN, BC, CPHIMS
Vice President of Informatics, HIMSS, at March 6, 2006, meeting - PDF

EHR in Illinois Physician Offices - Presentation by Shannon Smith-Ross, M.S, M.P.H, Senior Project Manager, Illinois Foundation for Quality Health Care, at March 6, 2006, meeting - PDF

An EMR System - Presentation by Nancy Semerdjian, Senior Vice President of Medical Informatics, Evanston Northwestern Healthcare, at March 6, 2006, meeting - PDF

The Illinois Health Network - Presentation by Todd W. Hart, Director, Illinois Health Network, at March 6, 2006, meeting - PDF

Welcome to the RHIO Revolution! EHRs, RHIOs, and the NHIN: Putting IT all Together - Presentation by Jeff David, Director, Industry Development, HIMSS, at March 24, 2006, meeting - PDF

In response to Taskforce questions, Mr. David provided the following links as it relates to his March 24th slide presentation (above):

Slide 6: CITL study (National ROI differences between “Levels 2, 3 and 4” of Health Information Exchange):

Slide 12, Secretary Leavitt and AHIC (American Health Information Community):

Slide 14: Dr. David Brailer and ONCHIT (Office of the National Coordinator for HIT):

Slides 15-18: ONCHIT and the 4 Goals and 12 Strategies (Link to ONCHIT’s “Framework for Strategic Action – The Decade of Health Information Technology: Delivering Consumer-centric and Information-rich Health Care):

Slide 19: HITSP (HIT Standards Panel):

Slide 19: CCHIT (The Certification Commission for HIT):

Slide 19: NHIN (National Health Information Network) Prototypes:

Slide 19: HISPC (Health Information Security and Privacy Collaboration)

Slide 20: IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise):

Slides 21 – 22: Federal Legislation – See the HIMSS Federal HIT Legislation Cross-Walk for a side-by-side view of current legislation: (scroll to bottom of this link for links to both House and Senate).

Slide 25: STATE LEGISLATION: (overview of the tracker – scroll to bottom of this link for link to the current tracker). This tracker provides a state-by-state overview of Legislation – and summary information. Click on any bill (or state name) to Link to complete information.

Slide 26: RHIOs (General):

Slide 26: HIMSS RHIO Federation:

Slide 27: The HIT Dashboard (Interactive Map of Current Interoperability Efforts):

Slides 36 and 37: EHRs v. PHRs (Connecting for Health -- Connecting Americans To Their Healthcare – Final Report, 7/04, chapter 2, p.13):

Health Information Exchange - Presentation by Jan Root, Ph.D., Assistant Executive Director, Utah Health Information Network, March 30, 2006, meeting - PDF

Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative - Presentation by Micky Tripathi, President & Chief Executive Officer, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative, for the April 3, 2006, meeting - PDF

3/31/06 Draft EHR Taskforce Bylaws - For review at the April 5, 2006, Steering Committee meeting - PDF

Presentation on the Indiana Health Information Exchange: April 2006 Overview - Presentation by Thomas P. Penno, Chief Operating Officer, Indiana Health Information Exchange, for the April 10, 2006, meeting - PDF

Recommended Committee Structure - Discussed at April 18, 2006, meeting.

Committee Structure/Objectives: Example Issues and Questions - Presented at the April 18, 2006, meeting by Dr. Ariel Katz.

Final Taskforce Bylaws - Adopted April 18, 2006. - PDF

State RHIO Consensus Project Documents

Prepared under contract for the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology by the Foundation of Research and Education (FORE) of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

Final Report: Development of State Level Health Information Exchange Initiatives - PDF

State Level Health Information Exchanges Initiative Development Workbook: A Guide to Key Issues, Options and Strategies - PDF

Draft EHR Taskforce Report - For the December 18, 2006, EHR Taskforce meeting.

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