Division of Environmental Health

Migrant Labor Camps and Field Sanitation

The Division administers two programs that affect agricultural workers, one dealing with field sanitation and the other with migrant labor camps.

The field sanitation program promotes the health and safety of agricultural workers by requiring that basic sanitary facilities be available to them. All farm operators who employ 10 or more agricultural workers must provide toilets, hand-washing facilities and safe drinking water within one-quarter mile of a work site. Division staff inspect all licensed migrant labor camps to assure that they comply with the state's Field Sanitation Act; and respond to complaints involving other agricultural operations.

Under the migrant labor camp program, the Division licenses camps that provide housing for 10 or more workers or four or more families. Facilities that provide housing for fewer individuals/families are required to comply with the standards but are not subject to licensing. There are approximately 50 licensed camps in Illinois. Division staff visit each camp at least once before occupancy and once during the operating season to inspect the water supply system, sewage disposal system, food preparation facilities, general housing conditions, fire safety conditions and vector control.

Migrant Labor Camps

Illinois Migrant Labor Camp Law (210 ILCS 110) PDF
Migrant Labor Camp Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 935) PDF

Migrant Labor Camp Original/Renewal License Application - PDF

Migrant Labor Camp Directory

The migrant labor camp directory has been placed in an interactive application that will better meet user needs. With this application the user can:

  • Select a facility by using the "FILTER" button to filter by name, city or other field;
  • Sort the list by any column;
  • Export a copy of the list in different formats (i.e. CSV, JSON, PDF, RDF, RSS, XLS, XLSX, or XML);
  • "Subscribe" to the list to be informed when updated;
  • E-mail the link to the list to another user; and
  • Advanced users can embed the dataset into their own web page for display.

View Migrant Labor Camp Directory

Field Sanitation

Field Sanitation Act (210 ILCS 105) PDF
Field Sanitation Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 910) PDF

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