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Environmental Toxicology

The division assesses the health risks to populations living around hazardous waste sites. Staff conduct approximately 50 of these assessments annually. Citizens, physicians and other government agencies also call on the division to provide toxicology consultations. Staff participate with communities and focus groups on environmental health problems and conduct seminars to educate health care providers about occupational and environmental exposures and the significance of specific chemical or physical agents. Division staff also work closely with other state agencies to develop advisories for the public.

When the division receives reports concerning poor indoor air quality in homes, offices and other workplaces, staff evaluate each one to determine if comfort and health guidelines are being met. Of particular concern to the division are those reports concerning exposures to pesticides, heavy metals, PCBs, solvents, molds and other industrial or consumer chemicals. In addition to consulting with individuals and businesses about indoor air pollution problems, division staff develop educational pamphlets, fact sheets and audiovisual materials to inform the public and health professionals about potential problems in the home or workplace.

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