Division of Environmental Health

Vector Control/Surveillance

Vectors are insects, ticks, rats, mice, birds and other animals that transmit disease-producing organisms to humans. To prevent the human disease and discomfort caused by these vectors, the division provides technical information to local health departments, governments, mosquito abatement programs and the public on methods to monitor and control them. The Division also awards annual grants to local health departments to conduct vector surveillance and control programs. Division staff identify about 300 specimens of insects and other pests each year. They also conduct surveys for mosquitoes, flies and ticks to detect the presence and significance of potential disease vectors associated with the improper storage, handling and disposal of tires, improper waste disposal and natural conditions. About 500 wild birds are collected each year and tested for West Nile virus.

West Nile Virus

Pyrethroid Insecticides

Entomology and Pest Management

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