The Adequate Health Care Task Force completed its work in January 2007. All members' tenure on this task force concluded effective January 2007.

Illinois Public Act 93-0973, formerly House Bill 2268, creates the Health Care Justice Act and encourages Illinois to implement a health care plan that provides access to a full range of preventive, acute and long-term health care services, and maintains and improves the quality of health care services. The legislation establishes an “Adequate Health Care Task Force” with 29 voting members -- five appointed by the Governor, and six appointments by each of the four leaders of the General Assembly (the Speaker of the House, the House Minority Leader, the President of the Senate and the Senate Minority Leader). The directors of the departments of Public Health, Healthcare and Family Services and Aging, along with the secretary of the Department of Human Services, are ex officio members.

Public hearings were held in each Illinois Congressional District, beginning on October 5, 2005. A task force report, detailing recommendations for a health care access plan, is to be submitted to the General Assembly.

Task Force Issues Final Report

The Adequate Health Care Task Force issued its final report on January 26, 2007, which calls for expanding health care coverage in Illinois. Under the Task Force’s recommended "Health Care Coverage Expansion Model" all Illinois residents will be required to obtain health care coverage and those under 400 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL) will have subsidized coverage options available to them. It is expected that all employers will contribute to the health care costs of their workers. Employers may meet this obligation either by providing a voluntary health insurance plan or by paying an amount to the state that is scaled to wages. This proposal includes changes to insurance regulations that are designed to spread risk, stabilize premiums and reduce administrative costs for all Illinoisans.

Adequate Health Care Task Force Final Report - PDF

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