Adequate Health Care Task Force
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Jan Daker
(Appointed by the Governor)
Breakthrough Coaching
13 Forest Glen Drive
Belleville, IL 62223
Phone: (618)398-6715
Fax: (815)425-0573

Jan is a practitioner of emotional intelligence. She took her former company, Nichols Aluminum, through EI. After Nichols produced 10 record setting quarters directly following the EI training, Rutgers University took notice. Rutgers did a case study to follow EI’s effect on the bottom line.

Moving to the St. Louis area recently, Jan founded Breakthrough Coaching. Breakthrough Coaching specializes in working with executives, managers, and business teams to break mental models/assumptions which have limited their productivity. Using a systemic approach, Jan studies the entire company to explore the theory in use. Private coaching sessions are Jan’s key to success. She feels much can be accomplished in a one-on-one atmosphere of confidentiality and trust.

Former customers selected Jan to represent them before the Iowa Legislature to showcase how continuous learning adds dollars to the bottom line. Currently President of the St. Louis Chapter of International Society of Human Performance, Jan retains a passion to learn. Jan has also held offices in ASTD, American Society of Training and Development.

Believing that values must be lived, Jan is actively involved with the United Congregations of Metro-East. UCM is an ecumenical power organization that goes beyond charity seeking social justice through empowered leadership. Jan is the Media/Communications Chair for the 20,000 UCM members and also provides coaching and leadership training to the group.

The University of Northern Iowa is where Jan received her BA in education. Jan started her career as a teacher moving into the business world where she finds her competitive nature works well. Her training in Theory of Constraints, Situational Leadership as well as Lean Manufacturing has been most useful in all types of businesses.

Jan lives in Belleville, IL with her husband, Bill. Daughter, Annie, attends graduate school at the University of Wisconsin.


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