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Faith-Based Partners

The state of Illinois through the Illinois Department of Public Health has partnered with the Broadcast Ministers’ Alliance and Health Care Consortium to develop the Illinois Faith-Based Emergency Preparedness Initiative. The initiative’s purpose it to design, develop and disseminate an emergency preparedness training module to be used in the event of pandemic influenza for faith- and community-based organizations throughout Illinois.

The main objectives of the initiative include:

  • Instill a culture of preparedness within our communities;

  • Identify and address gaps in preparedness;

  • Educate and empower our communities on how to be prepared; and,

  • Assist in building community resource capacity.

Recognizing the lessons of Hurricane Katrina as well as the barriers to community preparedness, response and recovery, this initiative enhances awareness and the importance of local preparedness. The initiative provides guidance as to how best to prepare before disasters strike using faith-based and community-based organizations as the vehicles to enhance outreach of training and education. The Broadcast Ministers’ Alliance is a partner with a long-standing relationship of trust and collaboration with many of the African-American and Latino faith- and community-based organizations throughout the state. The partnership with Health Care Consortium is based upon their proven track record in developing numerous effective health and wellness educational programs to underserved communities. Together with the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Illinois Faith-Based Emergency Preparedness Initiative will provide an opportunity to develop relationships with our communities and to develop a training module that will train, educate and empower our communities to prepare before disasters strike.

Additional information will be forthcoming. For general information, please call the initiative’s hotline at 866-779-9832.

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