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Welcome to the Illinois Department of Public Health Faith-Based Emergency Preparedness Initiative

Faith- and community-based organizations play an integral role pandemics or other public health emergencies. Through the collaboration of faith- and community-based organizations and public health agencies, it is our mission to educate and empower our communities to protect the public’s health and improve upon influenza pandemic response and general disaster preparedness plans before disasters strike.

The information provided on this Web site offers valuable resources for the general public as well as churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, and community-based organizations to help your congregation and organization members understand the importance of public health and prevention strategies. Together we can work together to build partnerships, prepare plans, and enhance coordination before disasters strike our communities.

For more information:

Office of Health Preparedness and Response
Illinois Department of Public Health
122 S. Michigan, Suite 2009
Chicago, IL
Phone: 312-814-5278
Initiative Hotline: 866-779-9832

Chicago Tribune May 31, 2008

Hoping to encourage faith-based organizations to develop crisis-response plans and work more closely with health-care workers, the Illinois Department of Public Health recently held a town hall meeting as part of its Illinois Faith-Based Emergency Preparedness Initiative.
Read the full story at http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/

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