State Health Improvement Plan

State Health Improvement Plan

Under Public Act 93-0975, Illinois is required to produce a State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) every four years. SHIP must include priorities and strategies for health status and public health system improvement in Illinois, with a focus on prevention. It also must address reducing racial, ethnic, geographic, age and socioeconomic health disparities. The plan is produced by a team of public, private and voluntary sector stakeholders appointed by the director of the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The next phase of the SHIP is implementation. For more information, visit the SHIP Implementation website and/or the SHIP Implementation Coordination Council website.


2010 Illinois State Health Improvement Plan - PDF


SHIP Background Planning Documents 2009 - 2010

SHIP Team and Bylaws

2009 SHIP Assessments

2009 SHIP Assessment Findings



2007 Illinois State Health Improvement Plan - PDF

This initial plan envisions optimal physical, mental and social well-being for all people in Illinois through a high-functioning public health system comprised of active public, private and voluntary partners.

The plan focuses on several key system priorities and outcomes that, when achieved, will support health improvement across a wide range of health issues. In addition, the Plan has identified four priority health conditions as risk factors for a number of diseases and disabilities. Strategic, system-focused planning has resulted in a State Health Improvement Plan that can be embraced and implemented by all.

In developing the plan, the Illinois State Board of Health held three public hearings at: Mount Vernon, on Aug. 4, 2006; Bloomington, on Aug. 8, 2006; and, Chicago, on Aug. 9, 2006. Testimony from these hearings and comments submitted in writing by numerous stakeholders are documented in one of the SHIP Supporting Documents.

SHIP Supporting Documents

Public Health System Assessment 2007 - PDF
Forces of Change Assessment - PDF
Statewide Themes and Strengths Assessment - PDF
State Health Profile Assessment - PDF
Public Comment - PDF


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