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State Health Improvement Plan

State Health Improvement Plan
Implementation Coordination Council


The Governor-appointed State Health Improvement Plan Implementation Coordination Council (SHIP ICC ) is an interdisciplinary council that is tasked with developing implementation strategies for the state’s State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP). The SHIP council will work collaboratively with the Governor’s Health Care Reform Implementation Council to promote statewide improvements in public health and prevention. The SHIP council brings together a diverse group of public health professionals and leaders in other sectors that that will support a comprehensive approach to making sure the people of Illinois are healthy.

The SHIP is a framework to address public health issues through an interdisciplinary approach that utilizes the strengths of the entire public health system. Under law, the state of Illinois must complete a SHIP every four years with the goal of creating a system that ensures optimal physical, mental and social well-being for all people in Illinois through a high-functioning public health system. The most recent SHIP was updated in August 2010 to reflect federal health care reform and other state health policies.

In July 2010, the Governor signed into law legislation creating a Governor-appointed council to implement the SHIP, which was one of the one of the recommendations of the SHIP planning team. The group will provide further definition of priorities and action steps, engage stakeholders to enact SHIP objectives, and promote the plan as a common agenda across the public health system.

The SHIP calls for the state to improve access to comprehensive health-related services, enhance data and information technology in the health care sectors, address the social factors affecting health and health disparities, manage and improve the public health system, and ensure sufficient workforce in the health care and public health fields. The SHIP is prevention-focused and centered on the following priority health concerns: alcohol/tobacco, use of illicit drugs/misuse of legal drugs, mental health, environment, obesity (including nutrition and physical activity), oral health, patient safety and quality, unintentional injury and violence.

In addition to the appointed council members, representatives of 12 state agencies and the chair of the State Board of Health will participate in the SHIP Implementation Coordination Council. These agencies all play a critical role in the implementation of the SHIP recommendations and will be working with the council to ensure that the goals of the SHIP are achieved.

The SHIP ICC will work closely with the implementation of the Community Transformation Grant Leadership Team.

State Health Improvement Plan

Under Public Act 93-0975, Illinois is required to produce a State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) every four years. SHIP must include priorities and strategies for health status and public health system improvement in Illinois, with a focus on prevention. It also must address reducing racial, ethnic, geographic, age and socioeconomic health disparities. The plan is produced by a team of public, private and voluntary sector stakeholders appointed by the director of the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The Implementation Coordination Council will be working with the 2010 SHIP.

2010 Illinois State Health Improvement Plan - PDF

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