IDPH - Illinois Department of Public Health


Amend an Illinois birth record for a person born and adopted in Illinois

Once the adoption is completed, you will need to submit:

  • A certified copy of either the Illinois Certificate of Adoption or the decree/judgment of adoption. Note: If the adoption was finalized in another state, you may submit a certified copy of the Certificate/Report of Adoption from that state or a certified copy of the decree/judgment of adoption.

If the certificate/report of adoption, judgment of adoption or adoption decree does not include all of the following items you will need to submit a separate document and provide any item not included before the amended record can be made.

  • The complete name(s), including last name prior to first marriage/civil union of the adoptive parent(s)/co-parent(s)
  • The date(s) of birth for the adoptive parent(s)/co-parent(s)
  • The place(s) of birth (state or country if other than the United States) of the adoptive parent(s)/co-parent(s)
  • The complete address (street, city, county, state and ZIP code) of the adoptive mother/co-parent at the time of birth
  • Current legal name for adoptive parent(s)/co-parent(s) and if married or in a civil union

If either parent/co-parent is also the parent/co-parent after the adoption, their information from the original birth record will be transferred to the new birth record exactly as it appears on the original birth record. This includes name, date of birth, place of birth and address.

Illinois is a closed state regarding adoptions. Therefore, once an adoption is completed, the original birth record with the biological parent(s) listed and all associated documentation will become part of a sealed Illinois Department of Public Health file.