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Birth Records

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How to Order a Commemorative Birth Certificate

  1. Under Illinois law, individuals eligible to receive a copy of a birth certificate are: the person named on the record, if of legal age, a parent or a legal representative of the person to whom the record relates.

  2. If you are ordering the certificate as a gift, but are not eligible to receive the record, the Division of Vital Records will forward the certificate to the eligible recipient.

  3. Download this application (PDF, 52K) fill in the information requested and print it out.

  4. Make checks or money orders payable to the "Illinois Department of Public Health" and send the application and fee to:

       Division of Vital Records
       925 East Ridgely Ave.
       Springfield, IL 62702-2797

    *Be sure to include a legible/readable copy of your valid photo identification. If not provided, unreadable or expired, the request will be returned unprocessed.

  5. The fee for a commemorative birth certificate is $40 for each copy.

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925 East Ridgely Ave., Springfield, IL 62702