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Adoption Records

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Illinois has put the option back in adoption   

Illinois Adoption Registry Statistics

Last updated 4/2014

Total number of registrants 16,252
Total number of matches 1,217
Registrants by category  
Adoptees 10,224
Birth Mothers 4,075
Birth Fathers 624
Siblings 421
Adoptive Parents 597
Adult Children of Deceased Adoptee 261
Spouses of Deceased Adoptee 5
Birth Aunts 36
Birth Uncles 9
Since the enactment of PA 96-0895 in May 2010, the Illinois Department of Public Health has issued the following non-certified original birth records to adopted persons or their surviving relatives:
Original birth records issued as filed 10,421
Original birth records issued with identifying information removed 53
Original birth records not located 203
The same law provided for a birth parent preference packet to be completed allowing birth parents to select their preferences. The following are updated statistics:
Birth parents who agreed to release the complete original birth record 218
Birth parents who requested identifying information be removed before release 460
Birth parents who filed medical questionnaires to be released 468

For more information, contact Illinois Department of Public Health
Illinois Adoption Registry and Medical Information Exchange
925 East Ridgely Ave., Springfield, IL 62702-2737
TTY (hearing impaired use only) 800-547-0466

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