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U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC
National Prevention Council

We Choose Health Best Practice Guide

The We Choose Health Best Practice Guide encompasses project profiles and accomplishments, as well as best-practice guides and resources that can be utilized by communities for future public health reforms.

We Choose Health Best Practice Guide (PDF)

Baby Friendly Guide (PDF)

Active Transportation Alliance Guides (ZIP)

Worksite Wellness Plan (PDF)

We Choose Health Action Institute (March 2014)

Held in conjunction with the 10th Annual Rural Public Health Institute put on by the MidAmerica Center for Public Health Practice, the We Choose Health Action Institute took place from March 11-13, 2014. For more about the Rural Public Health Institute, visit the conference page here. Sessions held during We Choose Health Action Institute, or the Transforming Communities Track as designated within the Rural Public Health Institute, include:

Sustainability Training (PDF)
CDC Sustainability Guide (PDF)
Health Equity & Community Transformation Panel Discussion (PDF)
Illinois “Healthy Worksite” Designation – A Tool to Increase Community Engagement (PDF)

Building Public Health Champions:
Miriam Link-Mullison, Jackson County Health Department
Ben LeRoy, City of Champaign Planning Department (PDF)
Nat Smith, Henry County Housing Authority (PDF)

We Choose Health Regional Action Institutes (September 2013)

Action Institute Resources

We Choose Health Action Institute (9/21/12)

Grantee Resource Guide

Active Living and Healthy Eating

National Farm to School Network
Illinois State Board of Education
Let’s Move Campaign

Breastfeeding/Baby Friendly Hospitals

Baby Friendly Guide (PDF)
Unicef Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative
Illinois Department of Human Services
Illinois State Breastfeeding Taskforce
Preparing for the Baby-Friendly Hospital Onsite Assessment (Webinar)

Coordinated School Health Model

University of Illinois Extension Farm to School
Safe Routes to School Toolkit
National Center for Safe Routes to School
California Coordinated School Health Toolkit
Student Nutrition Curriculum Resources from the USDA
Healthy Concession Guide
Healthy Concession Stand Wellness Policy Example
Let’s Move Salad Bars to Schools
Enhanced Physical Education (P.E.) Strategic Plan
Coordinated School Health - CDC
CDC Coordinated School Health Publications and Resources
SPARK Funding Opportunities

Worksite Wellness

Worksite Wellness Plan (PDF)
Illinois "Healthy Worksite" Designation brochure (PDF)
Recognizing Workplaces That Make Employee Health a Priority - An employer's guide to qualify for recognition
Illinois Healthy Worksite Designation Info Pack (PDF)
We Choose Health 365 Wellness Portal flyer (PDF)
Healthier Worksite Initiative - CDC

Smoke-free Living

American Lung Association
Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights
Bringing Healthy Air Home, Smoke-free Housing Initiative (PDF) - American Lung Association
Model Ordinance: Smoke-free Housing, Public Health Law and Policy
Tobacco-free Campus Initiative in Your Workplace Toolkit - CDC
Tobacco-free Workplace Tool Kit (PDF) - American Cancer Society
Model Ordinance: Comprehensive Smoke-free Places

Smoke-free Public Places


Lake County Tobacco-free Parks Tool Kit - Lake County Health Department
Tobacco-Free Youth Recreation - Association for Nonsmokers-Minnesota

Action Institute – Requested Resources
Tobacco Free Parks Community Assessment Tool - Tobacco Free Youth Recreation
Listing of Tobacco-free Parks - American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation
Non-Health Arguments (Lake County Tabacco-free Parks Toolkit)

College and University Campuses

College Campus Listing - American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation
Sample College Campus Toolkits
Making Your College Campus Tobacco-Free - Skoke-free Oregon
Tobacco-Free Campus Toolkit - Arkansas Department of Health

Action Institute – Requested Resources
Strategies for engaging with large campuses and other stakeholders
Making Your College Campus Tobacco-Free - Skoke-free Oregon
Tobacco-Free Campus Toolkit - Arkansas Department of Health

Smoke Free Multi-Unit Housing

Illinois Smokefree Housing Directory and Recognition (PDF)
Illinois Smokefree Housing Recognition Consideration Form (PDF)
Smoke-free facility timeline (MS Word) - Respiratory Health Association
Newsletter article to voucher providers (MS Word) - Respiratory Health Association
Smoke-free Toolkit 2013 (PDF) - Respiratory Health Association
Resident Survey (MS Word) - Respiratory Health Association
Friendly Warning Letter (MS Word)
No Smoking Policy Lease Addendum (MS Word)

Landlord Rights for Smoke-Free Housing
There is No Constitutional Right to Smoke: 2008
Smoke-Free Policies for Multi-Unit Rental Apartment Buildings in Illinois

Smoke-Free Multi-Unit Housing Resident Advocacy Toolkit
A Toolkit for Residents of Federally Assisted Public and Multi-Family Housing
Healthy Homes Manual Smoke-Free Policies in Multiunit Housing
New York Tenants’ Guide to Smoke-Free Housing

Safe Routes to School

National Center for Safe Routes to School
Safe Routes to School National Partnership - Local Policy Guide (PDF)
Safe Routes to School National Partnership - Low Income Guide (PDF)
Illinois Department of Transportation

Safe States Alliance resources around build environment topics
Safe States Alliance Trainings
      Health, Safety and Community Design trainings
Livability & Smart Growth Assessment Tool Database
Safe, Health and Active Transportation Toolkit
Fact sheets for State Transportation Agencies, Regional Transportation Agencies, City & Local Public Works Agencies

NHTSA Online Resource Library (via the Safe States Alliance website)– Home
Pedestrian Safety
Bicycle Safety
Safe Routes to School
Helpful Links: Livability, Safety & Smart Growth

SSA Special Reports
Smart Growth & Injury Prevention Roundtable Summary Report, 2009
Public Health-Led Safe Routes to School Programs: Experiences from Six Health Departments, 2009

SSA Issue Papers
Smart Growth & Injury Prevention Roundtable Highlights
Effective Transportation Policies Require Injury Prevention

Complete Streets

Active Transportation Alliance Guides (ZIP)
National Complete Streets Coalition

Joint Use Agreements

Model Joint Use Agreement Resources, National Policy & Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity
Opening School Grounds to the Community After Hours: Toolkit for Increasing Physical Activity Through Joint Use Agreements, Public Health Law & Policy (PDF)

Worksite Wellness

WellSteps Webinar Archive and Sign-Up
Worksite Wellness Promotion Activities

Worksite Wellness and the Affordable Care Act – Employer Information
Employer Responsibility Under the Affordable Care Act
Affordable Care Act Information Toolkit

Worksite Wellness Blogs
Blog 1 - Tips For Strengthening Your Workforce
Blog 2 - A Recipe For a Healthier Workforce
Blog 3 - Walk! Don't Run!
Blog 4 - A Culture of Health
Blog 5 - Starting a Wellness Program Without a Clue
Blog 6- Keep Hydrated
Blog 7- Fix the Feedback
Blog 8- Eat, Pray, Move!
Blog 9- Spread Kindness
Blog 10- Warning: Please Talk to Your Doctor Before Beginning Any Prolonged Period of Inactivity!
Blog 11- What Does a Wellness Leader Look Like
Blog 12- Life Should Be a Balancing Act
Blog 13- Change your Life- Write it Down
               Monthly Activity Chart
               10 Year Activity Chart
Blog 14- Develop a Wellness Calendar
               Health and Wellness Calendar Example
Blog 15- Ignorance is Risk
Blog 16- Contribute to a Healthy Recipe Book
Blog 17- Eat a Healthy Breakfast
Blog 18- Create a Healthy Grocery List
Blog 19- Go Nuts!
Blog 20- Behavior Change is No Easy Task!
Blog 21- Don't Judge a Food by Its Label
Blog 22- Eating Healthy on a Budget
Blog 23- 5-4-3-2-1-A-Day
Blog 26- Snack Healthy
Blog 27- Develop a Family Emergency Plan
Blog 28- Be a Community Builder