We Choose Health
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Five Strategic Areas

We Choose Smoke-free Living

Healthy smoke-free spaces for children and adults are essential to good health. Secondhand smoke poses harmful health threats to people of all ages. We Choose Health will address two strategies:

We Choose Healthy Living

Every Illinois community deserves to have access to healthy food choices and safe opportunities for physical activity. Getting proper nutrition and exercise are essential for building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and for preventing obesity and other illnesses. We Choose Health will fund the following types of evidence- and practice-based approaches to increase opportunity and remove barriers to healthy living:

We Choose Healthy Environments

Improving and increasing opportunities and access to safe environments for physical activity can reinvigorate communities and create healthier residents. We Choose Health will fund and support local communities to accomplish safe environments through the following three initiatives:

We Choose Healthy Schools

To improve students’ mental, emotional and social health, schools need to incorporate counseling, psychological and social services, which can include individual and group assessments, interventions and referrals. These efforts not only help the individual student, but also the overall health of the school environment. We Choose Health will fund and support local community groups to implement social and emotional wellness programs for students.

We Choose Healthy Hearts

To improve health in communities, it is important that clinicians are aware of the health of the whole community to effectively treat the individual patient. This project will integrate the use of electronic medical records and population health data to get a full picture of the health in communities. The Department will work with federally qualified health centers to implement the quality improvement dashboard tool so clinicians and patients can work together to better treat and manage high blood pressure and cholesterol.