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Swimming facilities have become standard features in hotels, motels, apartment complexes and subdivisions, as well as many parks and recreation areas. However, swimming can be hazardous due to the numerous diseases that may be transmitted by contaminated water and the dangers associated with diving accidents and falls on wet surfaces. In order to minimize these risks, the Illinois Department of Public Health requires the state's 3,500 swimming facilities to meet water quality and safety standards, including engineering design standards that apply to pools, spas, water supplies, bather preparation areas, and water treatment systems. The Department enforces these rules and regulations through plan approvals and inspections. The Department also administers a voluntary certification program for swimming facility operators.

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Due to the high number of swimming facility plans and limited staff, the current waiting period from proper submission to plan review is eight weeks.

Should errors be found in the plans, revision and resubmission will result in another eight-week review period.

To minimize errors, see our fact sheet:
Top Ten Reasons Why Swimming Facility Permit and License Applications are Rejected
and carefully read the Illinois Swimming Facility Code

Swimming pools

List of Prequalified Architects, Professional Engineers, and Contractors

IDPH Regional Offices and Local Health Departments

Prequalification for Swimming Facility Architects, Professional Engineers and Contractors

Swimming Facility Prequalification Training Schedule

11/2/12 Fee Notice Letter to Swimming Facilities

Swimming Facility Search

Illinois Swimming Facility Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 820)

Proposed, Recently Adopted and Emergency Rules

Swimming Facility Act (210 ILCS 125)

Swimming Pool Safety Act (210 ILCS 130)

Illinois Swimming Pool Operator Certification Manual (PDF)

Maximum Bather Load Sign (PDF)

Pool Regulations Sign (PDF)

No Lifeguard Sign (PDF)


Maximum Spa Load Sign (PDF)

Spa Patron Regulations Sign (PDF)

Swimming Facility Forms

Application for Swimming Facility License (PDF)
Application for Swimming Facility Construction Permit (PDF)
Drowning Injury Illness Report (PDF)
Special Flood Hazard Area Location Request Form (PDF)
Swimming Facility Prequalification Application for Architects and Professional Engineers (PDF)
Swimming Facility Prequalification Application for Contractors (PDF)

Swimming Facility License Renewal

Swimming Facility Online Renewal

Procedure for Hyperchlorination in Public Swimming Facilities


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