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Hospital with rows of beds with Influenza patients - Photo courtesy of the National Museum of Health and Medicine

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Illinois Pandemic Influenza Preparedness and Response Plan - PDF



School Guidance During an Influenza Pandemic

This publication, adapted from Contra Costa County, California Health Services, serves as a guide to important pandemic issues, solutions, and communications for schools. However, it is not the intention of the Illinois Department of Public Health or the Illinois State Board of Education to negate any of the important work that districts and schools may already have completed. As such, this guide is not intended to replace your existing pandemic plans, but to supplement the efforts that districts and schools have already undertaken.

Entire Document - PDF

Opening Letter from Dr. Randy J. Dunn and Dr. Eric E. Whitaker

Section I. The Planning Process

Section II. Parent Information and Community Outreach

Section III. Surveillance

Section IV. Fact Sheets

Section V. Posters and Promotional Materials

Section VI. Information and Resources on the Web