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February 13, 2006


More than $90,000 granted to all 11 EMS regions

SPRINGFIELD – Dr. Eric E. Whitaker, state public health director, announced today 78 emergency medical systems ( EMS) grants for area providers totaling $93,716. State EMS providers will use the grant money to buy various first responder equipment and pay for paramedic training.

“New, up-to-date equipment and the latest training for medical responders are vitally important for EMS operations and can honestly mean the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, many responders cannot afford the equipment or training,” said Dr. Whitaker. “But fortunately, the Emergency Medical Systems Assistance Fund offers grant opportunities each year for EMS providers to buy equipment and pay for training to help increase the safety of all Illinois residents.”

The Emergency Medical Systems Assistance Fund is comprised of fees collected from ambulance inspections, emergency medical technician licenses and fines the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) collects for EMS Act violations. IDPH solicits all EMS providers to submit grant applications to their regional EMS advisory board. The regional boards make recommendations on the applications to IDPH. The Division of Emergency Medical Systems staff has the final review and then awards the grants.

he fund amount varies each year with this year’s total at $93,716. EMS providers from all 11 EMS regions received grants.

Agency Name


Purpose of Award

Region 1    

Amboy Fire Protection District


Stair chair

Cortland Fire Protection District


Pulse oximeter/ pediatric immobilization board

Malta Fire Department


Portable suction/ manual suction

Menominee-Dunleith Fire Department


Plastic stokes stretcher/head immobilizer/ spider straps/ pulse oximeter

Northwest Fire Protection District


EMS equipment bags/ pediatric immobilization board/ AED trainer

Rock Falls Fire Department


Suction unit

Stockton Community Ambulance Association


Stair chair

Region 2    

Andalusia Volunteer Ambulance


Ambulance cot with vehicle mounts

Hopedale fire Protection District


Cell phone ampliphier repeater

Long Point Community Volunteer Fire Protection District


Spider straps/ head blocks/ first responder kits

Octavia Fire Protection District


Pediatric backboards with straps/ inflatable car seats

Ohio Fire Protection District


Trauma bag

Ottawa River Rescue Squad


Cold water immersion suits

Serena Community Fire Protection District


Oxygen delivery systems/ aluminum oxygen cylinders

Tonica Volunteer Fire Department, Inc


Infant and pediatric immobilization board

Varna Fire Protection District Ambulance


Adult airway manikin

Region 3    

Auburn Emergency Squad


Training on intubation

Divernon Fire Protection District


CPR training manikin/ Jr. manikin

Mt. Olive Fire Protection District


Compact suction unit/long backboards/ spider straps

QEM Fire Protection District


Suction unit

Quincy Fire Department


Infant ALS trainer

Taylor Springs Fire Department


Pediatric spine boards/KED/ALS trauma case/ jumbo D cylinder/ regulators/ air splint kid/ SAM splint/ blood pressure cuffs

Versailles First Responders


Dynamed trauma/ oxygen kit/ pro splint complete kit/ backboard/ head immobilizer/ backboard straps with speed clips

Warsaw Volunteer Ambulance Service



Waverly Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad


Portable suction unit/ difficult air airway trainer for combi tube/ soft stretcher

Winchester EMS


Splints/ Res-Q-Vac/ replacement bottles/ backboards/ backboard straps

Region 4    

Alton Volunteer Emergency Corp


Water rescue manikin, pulse oximeter

Bartsow fire Protection District


Head blocks

Fosterburg Fire Protection District


Battery for AED/LikePak/Blood pressure kit

Godfrey Fire Protection District


Suction unit

Irvington Fire Protection District


Basic supply replacements

Millstadt Ambulance Service


Suction unit

Pocahontas – Old Ripley Fire Protection District


Paramedic training

South Roxana Fire Protection District


MCI triage kit/ pediatric immobilization & splint kit/backboards, straps and spider straps

Region 5    

Alexander County Ambulance Service


Establish1 st responder provider in Tamms


Carterville Fire Department


Stair chair

Dowell First Responders


Pulse oximeter/spine straps/ head immobilization board

Jefferson Fire Protection District


Basic EMS supplies

Massac Memorial Ambulance Service


Compact Suction Unit

Mount Carmel Fire Department


Floating/X-ray backboard with pins, blood pressure cuff and stethoscope

North Wayne Ambulance Service


Ambulance cot

Village of Buncombe


Adult/child traction splint

Wayne City Ambulance Service


Suction machines

Pope County Volunteer Ambulance Service


Car Seat/ full body vacuum splint

Sesser Fire Protection District


KED/ pediatric immobilization device/ suction unit

Union County Ambulance Service


Stair chair

Region 6    

Brocton Fire Protection District


Pulse oximeter/ blood pressure unit

Charleston Fire and Rescue


Jump bags

City of Clinton DBA Dr. John Warner Hospital


Inflatable car seats/ pediatric backboards

Humboldt Fire Protection District


First responder equipment

Iroquois Memorial Hospital and Resident Home


Stair chair

Longview Volunteer Fire Department


EMS equipment

Martinton Ambulance


Stair Chair

Metcalf Fire Protection District


Vacuum splint/ portable suction

Pesotum Fire Protection District


Oxygen equipment

South Wheatland Fire Protection District


Suction unit/ pulse oximeter

Toledo Emergency Area Ambulance Service


Stair chair

Village of Greenup Community Ambulance Service


Backboard/ head immobilizer kits/ Hare traction splints

Warrensburg Fire Protection District


AED training equipment

Region 7    

Cary Fire Protection District


Pulse oximeter

Central Stickney Fire Protection District


Laryngoscope set

Dixmoor Fire Department


PALS training manikin

Fox River Grove Fire Protection District


Ambulance cot

Gardner Emergency Squad


Casualty simulation kit

Highland Park Fire Department


Braselow pedi bag

Lake Forest Fire Department


Adult KED/ pediatric immobilization device/ triage kits

Lake Villa Rescue Squad


Stair chair

MABAS Division 20


Replace equipment on mass casualty trailer

Maywood Fire Department

$ 1,200

AED batteries

Northwestern Memorial Hospital EMS Department

$ 6,570

Training equipment for EMS provider agencies in Region 11

Rockland Fire Protection District


Pedi splint kit/ SKED evacuation sled/ immobilization straps

South Holland Fire Department


Laryngoscope kits

Spring Grove Fire Protection District


Pediatric backboards

Village of Evergreen Park Fire Department


Water rescue kit

Village of Hoffman Estates, Fire Department


EMS jump bag replacements

Village of Oak Lawn/ Oak Lawn Fire Department


AED batteries/ heart monitor replacement batteries

Village of River Grove Fire Department


Backboards with straps/ emergency response bag

Village of University Park


Reeves sleeves

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