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To report a public health emergency after normal business hours, weekends or holidays, contact the Illinois Emergency Management Agency

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Accounting Services, Division of 217-782-5934
Administrative Law Judges 217-782-4977
Administrative Rules and Procedures, Long Term Care 217-785-8830
AIDS/HIV/STD Hotline 800-243-2437
Alzheimer's Disease Program 217-782-3300
Ambulance Services 217-785-2080
Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Centers 217-782-7412
Asbestos and Lead Programs 217-782-3517
Assisted Living and Information Support, Bureau of 217-785-9174
Asthma Program 217-782-3300
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Bioterrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response 217-558-0560
Budget and Payroll 217-782-5934
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Cardiovascular Health Program 217-782-3300
Champaign Regional Office 217-278-5900
Chicago Regional Office 708-544-5300
Chronic Disease Prevention and Control, Division of 217-782-3300
Communicable Disease Section 217-782-2016
Comprehensive Cancer Program 217-782-3300
Customer Service 217-782-4977
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Directors Office, Chicago 312-814-5278
Directors Office, Springfield 217-557-2556
Drivers License Medical Review (Emergency Vehicles) 217-785-2080
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Education and Training, Health Care Regulation 217-785-5132
Edwardsville Regional Office 618-656-6680
Emergency Contact (Illinois Only) 800-782-7860
Emergency Contact (Out of state) 217-782-7860
Emergency Medical Services and Highway Safety, Division of 217-785-2080
Emergency Preparedness and Response, Divison of 217-558-0560
EMT Training 217-785-2080
Environmental Health, Division of 217-782-5830
Epidemiologic Studies, Division of 217-785-1873
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Finance and Administration, Office of 217-785-2033
Foods, Drugs and Dairies, Division of 217-785-2439
Freedom of Information Officer 217-558-3403
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Genetics-Newborn Screening 217-785-8101
Governmental Affairs 217-782-6187
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Health Assessment and Screening, Division of 217-785-5246
Health Care Facilities and Programs, Division of 217-782-7412
Health Care Regulation, Office of 217-782-2913
Health Care Worker Registry 217-785-5133
Health Facilities and Services Review Board 217-782-3516
Health Policy, Division of 217-782-6235
Health Promotion, Office of 217-785-4093
Health Protection, Office of 217-782-3984
Health Statistics, Division of 217-785-1064
Healthy Aging Program 217-782-3300
Hearing Impaired, Toll-Free Number (TTY) 800-547-0466
Hearing Instrument Program 217-524-2396
Help Me Grow Hotline 800-323-4769
HIV/AIDS Section 217-524-5983
Home Health Agencies 217-782-7412
Hospice 217-782-7412
Hospital Licensing Sections 217-782-7412
Hospitals and Ambulatory Services, Bureau of 217-782-7412
Human Resources, Office of 217-785-2031
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Illinois Adoption Registry Hotline 877-323-5299
Illinois National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (I-NEDSS) 217-785-7165
Illinois Poison Control Hotline 800-222-1222
Immunizations Hotline 800-526-4372
Immunization Section 217-785-1455
Immunization Warehouse 217-786-7500
Infectious Diseases, Division of 217-785-7165
Information Technology, Division of 217-782-7700
Injury and Violence Prevention, Division of 217-785-2060
Injury Control Program 217-785-2060
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Laboratories, Division of 217-782-6562
Laboratory, Carbondale 618-457-5131
Laboratory, Chicago 312-793-4760
Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, Childhood 217-782-0403
Legal Services, Chicago 312-814-6033
Legal Services, Springfield 217-782-2043
Life Safety and Construction, Health Care Regulation 217-785-4264
Long Term Care, Bureau of 217-782-2913
Long Term Care Designs Standards 217-782-5180
Long Term Care Field Operations, Division of 217-782-2913
Long Term Care Quality Assurance, Division of 217-782-5180
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Marion Regional Office 618-993-7010
Medical Cannabis, Division of 217-782-3300
Men's Health, Office of 312-814-1080
Minority Health Services, Center for 217-782-4977
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Newborn Hearing Screening 217-782-4733
Nurse Aide Registry (Now called the Health Care Worker Registry) 217-785-5133
Nursing Home Hotline 800-252-4343
Nutrition Education Program 217-782-3300
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Oral Health, Division of 217-782-3300
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Paramedic Programs 217-785-2080
Peoria Regional Office 309-693-5360
Personnel and Training 217-785-2031
Physical Activity Program 217-782-3300
Physical Services, Division of 217-785-4291
Plumbing Program 217-524-0791
Poison Control 217-785-2080
Policy, Planning and Statistics - Chicago, Office of 312-814-5278
Policy, Planning and Statistics - Springfield, Office of 217-785-2040
Preparedness and Response, Office of 217-558-0560
Quitline, Illinois Tobacco 866-QUIT YES
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Rockford Regional Office 815-987-7511
Rural Health, Center for 217-782-1624
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Safe Kids 217-785-2060
Sexually Transmitted Disease Section 217-782-2747
Smoke-free Illinois 217-782-3300
Smoke-free Illinois Complaint Line 866-973-4646
Stores and Shipping 217-782-6150
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome 217-557-2931
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Tobacco Prevention and Control 217-782-3300
Tobacco Quitline, Illinois 866-QUIT YES
Trauma Center Coordination Program 217-785-2080
Tuberculosis Control Section 217-785-5371
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Violence Prevention Program 217-785-2060
Vision and Hearing Program 217-524-2396
Vital Records, Division of 217-782-6554
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West Chicago Regional Office 630-293-6800
West Nile Virus 217-782-5830
Women's Health - Chicago, Office of 312-814-5278
Women's Health Helpline 888-522-1282
Women's Health - Springfield, Office of 217-524-6088