Laws and Administrative Rules

Laws, Rules and Proposed Rules

IDPH has nearly 200 different programs that benefit literally each state resident and visitor. These programs are governed by laws passed by the Illinois General Assembly and signed by the Governor, and administrative rules adopted by IDPH or another agency. The laws provide the general framework or authority for regulating or prescribing a course of conduct. Administrative rules interpret the law to guide the activity of those affected and the actions of agency employees to ensure the uniform application of the law.

Administrative Rules Only
For those users who know the citation for the administrative rule they want to review, this page provides links to IDPH rules in the order they appear in the Illinois Administrative Code.

Emergency Rules

Emergency rules are effective upon filing with the Secretary of State, for a maximum of 150 days. This page provides information about emergency rules that are currently in effect. The public may submit comments to the Department during the 150 day effective period.

Current Laws and Rules
Structured by topic area, this page provides links to the text of laws and administrative rules relevant to IDPH programs.

Proposed and Recently Adopted Rules

Before a rule becomes official and has the force of law, it must go through a public comment period of at least 45 days — called the First Notice Period — and a review by the legislative Joint Committee on Administrative Review (JCAR) — the Second Notice Period. This page provides information on proposed rules and rules recently adopted by IDPH. From this area, you can submit comments on proposed rules during the First Notice Period.