About the BeachGuard System

This Web site contains information about IDPH public beaches and recreational-use waterways. Here you will find information about beach closings, monitoring efforts and E. coli test results. Information on this site is entered and maintained by local Beach Management Organization offices.

About Beach Monitoring

To begin your search, enter any part of the location/beach name, waterbody name, or county name in the search box at the top of any page. Click the 'GO' button to view the results of the search. If there is no match for the text you have searched for, enter a more broad search string. For example, if you are searching for 'Peninsula Beach' you may want to type 'Pen' in order to reduce error due to misspelling.

The Advanced Search feature allows for searching on a variety of criteria, such as finding beaches with the most advisories or closings in a given time period or geographic region.

Select a Beach:
Search results are displayed by beaches, counties, and/or water body names that match your search entry. Select one of the beaches by clicking the hyperlinked name of the beach you are interested in viewing. The beach description page will display, which is described in the next section.

Beach Description:
The next screen then displays the specific location/beach information. Directly under the name of the beach, the beach status is displayed as open or closed. The tabs in the center of the screen can be clicked to access the following information:
  • Site Details - location information, such as county, lat/long, EPA ID numbers, etc.

  • Test Results - results for E. coli samples

  • Advisories/Closures - history of beach closings at this beach

  • Monitoring - information about which organizations have performed monitoring at the beach