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Illinois Lead Program Information for Health Care Providers

Laws and Regulations

Screening Requirements

Reporting Requirements

School Health Exam Code

Health Examination Requirements
Proof of Examination


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Recommended Schedule for Obtaining a Confirmatory -

Preventing and Screening for Childhood Lead – A Reference Guide for Physicians and Health Care providers - PDF

Childhood Lead Risk Assessment Questionnaire and Guidelines - PDF

Medical Lead Risk Assessment Questionnaire - Excel

High-Risk ZIP Codes - PDF

Choice of Medical Management Based on Symptoms and Blood Lead Concentration - PDF

American Academy of Pediatrics

Pregnant Women (CDC)

Guidelines for the Identification and Management for Lead Exposure in Pregnant and Lactating Women (CDC) - PDF

Neonatal Lead Poisoning From Maternal Pica Behavior During Pregnancy (NMA)

Preventing Lead Poisoning in Young Children (CDC)

Report of Blood Lead Test Result - PDF

Lead Poisoning for Health Care Providers - PDF

State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination - En Español - PDF

Lead Surveillance Reports

Handbook for Providers of Healthy Kids Services (Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services) - PDF

Educational Tools

Get the Lead Out - Activities to Reduce Lead Exposure - PDF (Booklet Set-up) - PDF

Get the Lead Out - Homeowner's Lead-based Paint Abatement Guide - PDF (Booklet Set-up - PDF)

Get the Lead Out - InterventionEn Español - PDF

Get the Lead Out - PreventionEn Español - PDF

Get the Lead Out - RenovationEn Español - PDF

Childhood Lead Poisoning (Healthbeat)

Childhood Lead PoisoningEn Español - En français - PDF

Housekeeping Tips to Reduce Lead Exposure - En EspañolEn français - PDF

Nutrition and Lead PoisoningEn EspañolEn français - PDF

The Medical Consequences of Lead PoisoningEn EspañolEn français - PDF

Sources of Childhood Lead PoisoningEn EspañolEn français - PDF

Pregnant Women and Lead Poisoning: How to Protect Your Unborn Child - En Español - PDF


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