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2014 SHIP Video Challenge – Deadline Extended to May 6, 2014

The Illinois Department of Public Health, in collaboration with the SHIP Implementation Coordination Council, is pleased to announce the 2014 SHIP Video Challenge, a video-driven grant competition to help spread the word about the State Health Improvement Plan and implementation across Illinois. Through this grant program, individual members of the public and organizations are invited to help get the word out about the Illinois SHIP through compelling stories presented through video, and to compete for mini-grant awards to help organizations continue their alignment with SHIP.

Submitted videos must be about one of the following topics:

  1. What's Your SHIP Story?
  2. We're a Public Health Stakeholder?
  3. What's Your SHIP Priority?

In total, IDPH will award up to 10 $1,500.00 mini-grants. All videos submitted as part of this grant application may be used by IDPH and the SHIP Implementation team to help spread the word about SHIP.

The challenge pages below explain each topic in greater detail.

Trying to spread the word at your school, community center, or workplace? Download the informational flyer.

When you're ready, visit the Submission page to learn how to apply.

Challenge #1
What's Your SHIP Story?

Tell a story about how collaboration among organizations resulted in a success around a SHIP priority area. Details…

Challenge #2
We're a Public Health Stakeholder

Tell a story that shows how your organization is a public health stakeholder, even if public health is not explicitly part of your mission. Details…

Challenge #3
What's Your SHIP Priority?

Tell a story about the potential you see for organizations to work together to improve a SHIP priority area in your community. Details…