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Qualifications are established to require the Department's director to have a license to practice medicine and surgery in Illinois, a master's degree in public health and certification by the American Board of Preventive Medicine.

Illinois Migrant Labor Camp Law sets minimum standards and requires annual licensing of migrant labor camp operators.

Chicago toxicological laboratoryA toxicological laboratory is established by the Department in Chicago primarily to benefit law enforcement crime efforts.

Milk and dairy product jurisdiction traferred to Department of AgricultureJurisdiction over all milk and dairy products is transferred from the Department of Agriculture to Public Health.

Measles vaccine is made available through the Department's immunization clinics for well-baby, preschool, kindergarten and first grader children.

Mandatory testing of newborn infants is begun for PKU (phenylketonuria), a genetic disease that causes mental retardation if not treated.

Burial of nuclear waste at the Sheffield Waste Site.The Department's oversight of radioactive waste management begins with the burial of nuclear waste at the Sheffield Waste Site by a California company.

All public water supplies are required to fluoridate drinking water.